[Logo] Nordic Mathematical Contest

The Nordic Mathematical Contest (NMC) is a regional competition in mathematics for secondary school students from the five Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The contestants—at most 20 from each country—are elected by the national secondary school mathematical olympiad organisations:

Participation does not involve travelling abroad. The contestants normally write the exam in their own school; some countries gather their contestants in one place for the event. The national organisations take turns to host the NMC according to a fixed schedule. (See clause 4 of the regulations.) The host issues the exam paper based on suggestions of problems by the participating countries and does the final marking of the scripts after a preliminary marking in the individual countries. The paper consists of four problems and the scores may range from 0 to 28 points with a complete solution of one problem giving 7 points. (Before 2015 the total maximum was 20 points and the maximum for one problem 5 points.) Each contestant gets a diploma of participation issued by the host. For the contestants with the best results, the diploma states their rank. No other prizes are given.